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SRI's Geophysics Program specializes in the use of non-invasive methods to help locate, identify, and map features in support of cultural and environmental resource management. Our mission is simple: to help clients meet the growing demand for technology-based solutions to effectively manage resources in ways that are both efficient and non-destructive.

We specialize in a variety of geophysical and remote sensing services:

  • Ground-Penetrating Radar (GPR)
  • Geophysics DepartmentMagnetometry
  • EM conductivity
  • Magnetic susceptibility
  • design and implementation of field surveys
  • Resistivity
  • Real-time kinematic global navigation satellite system (RTK GNSS) survey
  • Low-altitude aerial photography
  • Photogrammetric processing
  • LiDAR data processing

Our approach to any project utilizing geophysics is one that is mindful of the scientific principles of the methods, the needs/goals of the client, and is ultimately solution-oriented.

Examples of the most common types of projects we perform include:

  • Geophysics DepartmentArchaeological site characterization (defining site boundaries, locating and mapping buried features or structures);
  • Landscape characterization (mapping expansive areas; spatial relationship of surface/subsurface features);
  • Cemeteries/unmarked burials (defining the extent of a cemetery, locating unmarked burials);
  • Geological/paleontological characterizations (mapping bedrock, void spaces, stratigraphy, and paleontological features).

SRI's Geophysics Program specializes in all aspects of projects utilizing these technologies, including coordination, execution, and reporting. All geophysical and remote sensing surveys are tailored to the specific goals and concerns of the client and draw on our in-depth technical expertise and extensive experience in cultural resource management. We work throughout the U.S. and world using state-of-the-art instrumentation, field collection techniques, and data processing programs to deliver the best possible products to our clients and research collaborators.

For more information on how SRI's Geophysics Program can help with your next project, please contact us:

Jennie O. Sturm, Ph.D.
Geophysics Program Director
(505) 323-8300

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