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International Heritage Preservation

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As one of the largest heritage management firms in the world, Statistical Research, Inc., can be found working on projects in many countries: Albania, Burkina Faso, Canada, Congo, England, Greece, Mexico, Mongolia, Russia, Senegal, Sierra Leon, Turkey, and the United States. We are joined in our international endeavors by our sister company, Nexus Heritage, which operates out of two offices in the United Kingdom.

Our SRI and Nexus Heritage personnel share a commitment to high-quality work. In addition to country specific laws, our staff has substantial experience with multinational conventions and treaties safeguarding cultural resources, including the Malta Convention, World Bank and IFC regulations, and the Equator Principles.

Some international clients seek our services because of our size, as we are one of only a few firms large enough to staff major international infrastructure projects. Other clients hire us for our advanced laboratories and use of cutting-edge technologies that provide them with new capabilities. Still other clients desire the project management experience that SRI has achieved so that they can solve problems that arise from contracted projects in markets where private-sector heritage preservation is just emerging. Some clients select Statistical Research, Inc., because of our scholars and reputation for innovative preservation planning, which includes assistance with preservation-program design or the implementation of new approaches, such as predictive modeling, to more efficiently meet preservation requirements. Most clients select us for these reasons, and one even more basic—we get the job done right the first time.

The world is getting smaller. Find out how Statistical Research, Inc., can help make your international project successful.


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