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Forum on Grand Challenges for Archaeology!

The following articles from American Antiquity and the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences represent the result of a National Science Foundation Grant aimed at outlining the grand challenges in archaeology for the next two decades. SRI's Jeffrey Altschul served on the steering committe and the panels that assembled these questions from a crowdsourcing exercise and the two workshops. SRI was the only CRM organization involved!

Dr. Altschul writes that " Archaeology is well behind other social and environmental sciences in formulating grand questions. As part of this project, I read grand challenge articles from ecology, economics, ornithology, etc. The goal of these articles was clear: to provide a rallying cry for like minded scientists to gather round and argue for greater public funding. Archaeologist have never articulated grand challenges, and to some extent, it shows in the fact that US public funding has remained flat for many, many years."


To download these articles, please click on the following links!

American Antiquity - Grand Challenges for Archaeology

American Antiquity - Editor's Corner

PNAS - Grand Challenges for Archaeology




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