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SRI's Principal Jeff Altschul Interviews at UNAM


In October, SRI's Principal Jeffrey Altschul spoke to students at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, titling it "Arqueologia de Negocios para la proteccion del patrimonio cultural y social" or "Heritage Business for the protectin of cultural and social heritage."

Here is a translation of the abstract that can be found on the Faculty of Philosophy's website:

"Students studying the economy of cultural resources in the program 'Intercultural Development and Managment' interviewed Dr. Jeff Altschul, president of the Society for American Archaeology and the Principal of Statistical Research, Inc., a private company dedicate to the protection of cultural and social heritage. For said interview, the students designed four types of questions. The first questions were regarding the difficulties that Dr. Altschul faced as he completed his doctorate in anthropology and finding work that would sustain a family, including his decision to step away from academia to do archaeology rather than just talk about it. The second group tackled the question of his business model upon which he founded SRI [with his wife Debbie], as well as his opportunies to reach into other sectors dealing with the protection of cultural and social heritage, i.e., economic and social development. The third group of questions analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of the processes the United States takes in the administration of cultural resources, comparing it to the nationalistic model of protecting heritage in Mexico. These questions also identify the common problems that companies have during the development of a project, as well as the strategies that they follow to manage projects within the communities that will be affected by the implementation of political action. Finally, Jeff Altschul describes the ethical principals that have aided him in transforming SRI into one of the most successful cultural resource management companies in the world, emphasizing the importance of training professionals in this area that is so indispensable and importante for Mexico."

Visit our home page or click here to listen to the interview.

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