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SRI Sponsors and Particpates in ACRA Conference

Statistical Research, Inc., was a sponsor for the 15th Annual ACRA Conference in Providence, Rhode Island September 17–20, 2009. SRI employees Robert Wegener and Robby Heckman moderated the "Beating the Recession" discussion. Robby Heckman was also a panelist for the "Maximizing GIS in the CRM Industry" discussion.

“Beating the Recession”

Most CRM companies began to feel the effects of the recession in the last part of 2009.
This session brings together panelists from different-sized companies to discuss how the
economy and political climate have impacted marketing, personnel issues, operations, and
other areas of business management. The moderators and panelists will set the stage by
discussing their experiences and the strategies their companies have used to cope with the
challenges brought about by the recession.

Robby Heckman, Statistical Research, Inc.
Robert Wegener, Statistical Research, Inc.

Loretta Lautzenheiser, Coastal Caroline Research, Inc.
Tom Motsinger, PaleoWest Solutions in Archaeology
Lucy Wayne, SouthArc, Inc.

"Maximizing GIS in the CRM Industry"

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) has become an integral mapping and data management tool for most CRM companies. This session will explore how CRM companies can successfully integrate GIS into their businesses to serve their client’s needs best.  In addition, we will explore how companies can gain the most value from GIS for various types of projects.  In particular, the session will include case studies demonstrating the use of GIS and related applications for business management, survey, testing, and mitigation projects.

Jon Berkin-Natural Resources Group, LLC

Joe Flannery, Natural Resources Group, LLC 
Bill Chadwick, John Milner and Associates, Inc.
Robby Heckman, SRI, Inc.

For more information on the conference and discussions, click here.

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