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SRI's Veterans Curation Program Lab Interviewed!

On Friday November 22nd, staff at SRI’s Veterans Curation Program (VCP) lab in St. Louis were interviewed in the lab by the City of O'Fallon (Missouri), and went live before the Thanksgiving holiday. 

SRI's lab managers at the VCP, Sharon Knobbe and Chris Koenig, were features, along with some other familiar faces: Sonny Trimble, director of the Mandatory Center of Expertise for Curation and Collections Management housed at the St. Louis District office of the Corps of Engineers (COE), and Kate McMahon, one of the VCP project managers from the COE. Graduates of SRI’s first VCP class are also featured (they “graduated” earlier this fall and talk about what VCP did for them). In early November, the new VCP class started, and they are showed working on COE collections in the video.

SRI's VP of Operations Terry Majewski states, "It’s a great program that the SRI family is very proud to be a part of."

If you have any questions about the VCP, please feel free to contact Terry Majewski.

Happy Holidays!

To see this clip, please go to the SRI's YouTube account or click on the link below!

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