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Dr. Joshua Trampier Joins Statistical Research, Inc.

Statistical Research, Inc., is pleased to announce that Dr. Joshua Trampier will be joining SRI as a project director in the Redlands, California, office. Joshua recently received his Ph.D. in Near Eastern Archaeology from the University of Chicago (UC). As the former associate director for UCís Center for Ancient Middle Eastern Landscapes (CAMEL), he brings with him a strong background in geographic information systems and remote sensing. In addition to this, Joshua has extensive amount of field experience in both the Near East and United States. Over the past 10 years, he has occupied supervisory and leadership roles on projects such as the Western Delta Landscape Project in Egypt; the Durham University Archaeological Mission to Sais, Egypt; the Ahmose and Tetisheri Project in Abydos, Egypt; and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Kansas City District/Missouri State University archaeology project at the Big Eddy site in Cedar County, Missouri. Upon his arrival to SRI in mid-August, Joshua will be working primarily out of SRIís Prehistoric Department, but he will also devote a portion of his time to predictive modeling as the opportunities arise. Welcome aboard Joshua!

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