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SRI Wins People’s Choice Award for Honey Lake Report at 2008 ACRA Conference

SRI Wins People's Choice Award for Honey Lake Report at 2008 ACRA ConferenceAt the 2008 annual meeting of the American Cultural Resources Association (ACRA) in Tucson, Arizona, September 25–28, the organization’s People’s Choice Award was awarded to Statistical Research, Inc. in recognition of the company’s 2004 report, Distant Shores: Cultural Resources Survey at Honey Lake, Lassen County, California, edited by Robert M. Wegener, Jeffrey H. Altschul, Angela H. Keller, and Anne Q. Stoll. The People’s Choice Award was initiated this year to recognize a Phase I/Building Inventory or Phase II/National Register of Historic Places Evaluation report from an ACRA firm. Each conference attendee was given the opportunity to cast a vote for one of the reports displayed at the conference. Receiving this award is particularly gratifying in that it comes from peer CRM firms located throughout the United States.

Honey Lake was a complex but interesting project that SRI completed for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Sacramento District. The shorelines of Honey Lake, a remnant Pleistocene lake, capture the entire span of human history in the Americas. The project was challenging because many more sites were located than originally anticipated, and many were quite complex’ having been used and reused numerous times in the past. Honey Lake included a number of studies generally lacking in Phase I reports of this type: a paleoenvironmental study, ethnographic research, historical-period archival work, and a regional archaeological synthesis.

The Honey Lake project was the inspiration of Richard Perry of the USACE, Sacramento District. SRI was fortunate to work in partnership with Mr. Perry, and the results were all the more positive because of the effective collaboration between client and contractor.

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