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SRI Opens Office in Washington State

Statistical Research, Inc., is very pleased to announce the opening of its newest office in Lacey, Washington, in February 2010. Lacey is a small city (about 31,000 people) just minutes to the east-southeast of Olympia, the state capital. Tucson Office Director Robert Wegener will direct the Lacey and Tucson offices. Sarah Van Galder, who has been in Washington for several years working for SRI, will be the assistant office director for the Lacey office and will continue as a project director. Ed Huber, in his role as regional marketing director for both the Lacey and Tucson offices, will work with the Lacey office management team and SRI operations to continue his excellent marketing efforts in the state, and both he and Robert will serve as principal investigators/project managers for work in the area.

The prospects for work in Washington are excellent. Statistical Research, Inc., has already completed some small jobs in the state and is just finishing "testing" fieldwork for the SR 99 North Portal Project in Seattle, the first task order for the Washington Department of Transportation contract. SRI is also under contract with the City of Port Angeles, Washington, for a primarily geoarchaeological project. Projects about to begin include one in Tacoma and Section 110 ARRA work for the Walla Walla District of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers along the Snake and Columbia Rivers. Congratulations to the Lacey team for making SRI's newest office a reality.

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